Polar White LLC


TNT Fireworks

Augmented Reality | Store Finder | Catalog | Notifications Service

The TNT Fireworks app was designed to be the first to market with Augmented Reality in their industry. The app allows users to test and demo products before finding a stand or tent for purchase. Another feature of the app allows users to find coupons for products. Coupons can be scanned by the stand and tent owners. We also built a custom notification dashboard that allows TNT to send notifications to select users groups across the US.
  • Augmented Reality
  • Custom Notification Channels
  • High Volume Coupon Redemption
  • QR Code Scanning
  • Stand + Tent finder
  • Catalog Browser
  • Analytics

Platinum LED

Therapy Lights | Mobile Application

The Platinum LED app was built to give clients a digital way to set up and track their therapy sessions. The custom wizard allows the user to choose which lighting system they own, the distance between the lights and the therapy area, and a time limit. These sessions are handled in the app and the most recent session is saved locally for ease of access.
  • Therapy Wizard
  • Light Therapy Timer
  • Product Manual
  • Brand Consistency
  • Locally Saved Therapy Templates
  • Contact Form

G.E.A.R. Airsoft

Airsoft Game Management

This project entailed the development of a multi-platform system that would effectively give players and admins more control over their experience as well as the game itself. able to see real-time data from the match for individuals by scanning their respective RFID tags to determine whether the user was ever killed, healed, etc.
  • RFID Tag Integration
  • Full Administrative Suite
  • Designated Team Roles
  • Medics can heal downed teammates
  • Mobile Application